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Pond Installation and Pond Cleanout

Thinking of adding a pond to your property? Call Curtis Excavating for a complete pond installation assessment. We take care of everything for you, including assisting acquiring permits from Department of Natural Resources and other agencies. Once work has been approved, we'll provide you with an estimate for excavation services based on the size of the pond.

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Curtis Excavating helps you determine the features of your pond based on what you plan on using the pond for. Shallow scrapes are used for duck ponds to keep the water warmer while deeper ponds are vital for fish ponds, providing your fish with protection during the winter.

After digging your pond, we will spread the excess dirt out and seed it based on your specific needs. Many ponds include a water-controlled structure to set the water level, particularly if there is a spring in the water. Occasionally ponds will plug up, preventing fish from getting to the bottom. We use our 60' excavator to clean out the ponds so the fish will survive.

Excavation Services, Ditch Cleaning
and Land Clearing

Curtis Excavating is your source for land clearing and excavation services. From ditch cleaning to wetland restoration, no job is too big or too small.


Ditch Cleaning

Our excavation services begin with a complete assessment, including an explanation of what needs to be done to prepare your new field for a more productive crop. We then scoop the dirt out of the ditch and level it out in the field. This lowers the water ground table in the field so your crops won't drown.

We use a larger excavator with a special ditch cleaning bucket that leaves a smooth edge on the ditch for easier drainage. The owner and operator either levels out the dirt with a machine or use a bulldozer for larger jobs. We remove and dispose of brush, trees, and other debris from the ditch before we clean out the mud.

Wetland Restoration

Wetland restoration is often done for wildlife habitats to reverse the effects of man-made farmland. Curtis Excavating restores and preserves wetlands by stopping drainage by digging a wildlife scrape and using that dirt to fill in the ditch. This allows the ditch to flood which, in turn, allows vegetation to grow again. Sometimes we install water control structures that allow you to change the level of flooding to the ground.

We also do stream bank restoration! This involves changing the surface from a pond into a stream bank for fish structures and spawning habitats. Curtis Excavating works closely with the USDA and other government agencies to ensure all restoration worms conform with safe environmental standards.


Contact us right away at 608-742-2677 for ditch cleaning and land clearing services.

Call or text Rusty at 608-697-3494 

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